Multiple offers are back

Multiple offers are back

Multiple offers are back: In popular locations in LA, ranging from the beach all the way to the Eastside, the Valley and beyond, fewer owners have put their homes up for sale than in any recent period in memory. As a result, we are seeing a dramatic turnaround in many segments of the LA real estate market. Specifically, our experience in the trenches with our sellers and buyers is this: Over the past 3 weeks, we have represented listings or written offers for buyers on 9 different properties. All of them had multiple offers, totaling 76 offers received on just these 9 properties. All of these properties sold at or even well over the list price. It now appears that the median sales price in April will rebound, and could be significantly higher than it currently is today.

This represents an opportunity for sellers to leverage demand we haven’t seen since last summer, but it also requires insight and important strategy discussions with our buyer-clients in order become the winning buyer.



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