Lincoln Blvd Earth Day Clean-up

April 9, 2013
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Date: Saturday, 4/20/13, 11am – 2pm
Project Manager: Killeen Pilon
Objective: Transform Lincoln Blvd to be “safe, clean, beautiful and green”

What’s Happening:
‘To address the CLEAN aspect, I, Killeen Pilon, am working with neighborhood folks and businesses’ to create a 3-hour “happening” on Lincoln Blvd to celebrate Earth Day and make a dent in the litter and debris which make Lincoln ugly and dirty.’

I am looking for support for the event from the neighborhood organizations contiguous to Lincoln and seeking individual and group commitments to show up on 4/20 on Lincoln during the 3- hour window with brooms, weed eaters, clippers, work gloves and any other tools which seem useful.


The Details:
• Everyone should bring water.
• The City will provide garbage bags and disposable gloves.
• Director Volunteers will send people who show up for work to areas inventoried as most in need.
• Clean-up will occur only on the west and east sides of Lincoln from the Freeway to Marine at the inventoried areas.
• Musicians will play along the Boulevard at various intervals to promote a festive feeling.
• Kids should be encouraged to come and help and there will be opportunities to create, chalk art on the sidewalks at certain locations.

Other organizations to be contacted for participation: ​ Santa Monica Spoke, Friends of Sunset Park, Ocean Park Association, Pico Neighborhood Association, Borderline Neighborhood Group, Novel Café, and Santino’s, Common Ground, Chrysalis, McDonalds, 7-11, and other fast food operations which are the source of much of the trash on Lincoln.